One Step At A Time

September 21, 2019

Have you ever felt like you wanted to achieve more from your life?

I have always wanted to achieve something with my life, I wasn’t quite

sure what that was, only that I wanted
to look back one day and know that I had made a difference. I didn’t quite discover my passion for design until I started working with a manufacturer, it had always been there I just rarely had to put it to use, till now.

I started thinking last year about creating a brand of Fishing Apparel available in Canada for Canadians. Like many, I had always purchased my outdoor apparel from well known stores that are US owned. After an exhausting online search for a Canadian Brand last Christmas, I started a journey, one I knew would take time, determination, patience and expense. I am so grateful I did.

It has been a very busy, yet exciting time. I have been working hard creating, designing and having manufactured my Fish Whipped Brand. I’m very proud of the results. As well as the usual…working outside of home , living, spoiling my grandchildren. The ordinary still continues to exist within the nature of my experiences and life.

And so it begins, the online store is now open and I sit back daily and watch my dream come to light.

My purpose from this blog is to document the climb, and what it feels like to just take the leap and not look back. My other purpose, and perhaps more importantly is to inspire readers to follow their own dreams and have the confidence to pursue them.

You only have one life, live every moment to the fullest. Follow your Dreams wherever they may take you…

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