My Story

Greetings fellow anglers. My name is Barbara French, creator, owner of Fish Whipped Apparel. Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, my summers were spent 4 ½ hours east of the city, at Big Gull Lake. From a family of hunters, and avid fisherman, the love for the outdoors and the sport is definitely in my DNA.
With a passion for design, and a vision to ensure anglers were safe on and off the water, led me in this direction. I knew it would take patience, determination, hard work, and a High Quality Brand to be successful. To move forward, there were two absolutes. Firstly, that I would only put the Fish Whipped name on High Quality manufactured wear. Secondly, that all material used during manufacturing, had High UV-protection.
After losing my sister to melanoma in 2014, and having a brother who continues to battle skin cancer, I would not, or could not settle for less. For an angler, who would do anything to be outdoors, with a rod in hand, and a great catch on the line, I call us Fish Whipped.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Keep On Fishing

Owner Barbara French